Pimp HP Mini 5101 – SSD

Today I got a 120GB Samsung Series 840 SSD as a good bargain from my favourite electronics store. Since I digged out my HP Mini 5101 some days ago and suffered from the long time not updated Ubuntu whatever version the decision was easy. The slow netbook needed some serious kick ass.

So coming home I desperately searched for some advice in opening my netbook. Finding some old documentation I gave it a try. Indeed you need to remove the keybpard since primarily the bottom of the netbook i sealed. Remove the battery, losen the three screws marked with keyboard within the battery bay, then flip the book ofer and lift the keyboard cover on both sides from the case – left -middle – right, until you hear and feel the release click. you should be able to lift the kkeyboard on both sides a bit.

Return to the battery bay, keep the lid a bit open then with a flat tool – screwdriver lift the three metal latches where you removed the screws, a bit until they snap open and release the keyboard.

Turning the netbook over again, you should be able to lift the back side of the keyboard above the case and pull the entire keyboard carefull towards the screen. Keep in mind the ribbon cable underneath the keyboard. If the keyboard bends, the latches are not yet open. repeat the procedure until it really removes easy.

When the kayboard front side slips free, flip the keyboard over, there is no need to remove the ribbon cable which is quite sensitive. Then you face the harddisk bay. Besides the sticker with the guide, you shoud immediately notice the spring loaded main screw holding the bay. Losen the screw and then remove the two securing screws on the interface side of the disk- cage. Now you should be able to pull the disk cage aside and lift it out of the netbook.

In the cage the disk is secured with four standard screws as well. Seems to be a standard 2.5″ disk bay and has more than enough space to house the SSD which seems to be flater than the 9.5 mm housing.

Now put everything in place reverse. It seems the plastic latches on the side of the keyboard break occasionally, at least I got this one back fdrom service once with a little breaking mark. Nevertheless the removal should be possible without too much force in place.

Easy job, easier than I expected.


kyp. F.

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