Computergraphie – what did I own or work on

So recently I was asked about my first computer – that was an easy to answer, but considering, what I owned and furthermore what I worked on, was/is significantly harder. I try to summarize:

  • Ti 99-4A, owned as first Computer
  • Apple IIc, worked on in school
  • C64, owned when it became fashion
  • Zenith PC – 8086, first dual floppy, then 20MB harddrive, then v20 NEC CPU upgrade and overclocking – owned
  • Motorola 68000 based Sinix microcomputer. worked on at Telekom internship
  • DEC VAX with VMS, worked on at Telekom internship
  • ESCOM i386 PC, owned, later with Linux Slackware
  • Comodore AMIGA 500, owned
  • IBM RS6000, AIX 4.3, worked on at first university courses
  • SUN SPARC Station IPC, SUN OS, worked on at university
  • SUN SPARC Center 2000, SUN OS, worked on at university
  • SGI Iris, Irix, worked on at university
  • SUN E3000, Solaris, owned
  • HP 9000
    • HP apollo 300 series, HP-UX, worked on at university
    • HP apollo 700 series, HP-UX, workes on at Hewlett-Packard and owned several models – particular loved 735, H210 and the Ravens
    • HP Apollo 800 series, HP-UX, worked on, even own an A500
      Including L-Class, R-Class, V-Class and Superdome
  • iBook – the old white PPc based one, owned, later with yellow dog Linux
  • HP RX2620 Integrity, HP-UX, owned
  • HP Integrity Systems, HP-UX, worked on, Including Superdome
  • Intel PC 586 – ever since
  • Intel PC 686 – ever since
  • Xeon based Intel Servers – ever since
  • Raspberry PI, owned
  • Onion 2, owned
  • Pine 64, owned


So whenever I wonder where some of my strange Ideas grew on, the list does not necessarily insist to be complete …. kyp.F.

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