Sneak Peak Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Amazing. Ubisoft chose me to attend the tech test of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the last few days I was able to attend some exclusive testing. Please appologize the lack of details never the less I signed a NDA.

So right now I limit my statements, to some officially available information.

First of all this latest Tom Clancy story is the successor to Ghost Recon Wildlands. It is as well an open world shooter and we approach a pacific island instead of some south american high mountain country. Travels can be done by bike, car, truck, helicopter, just as we are used to. The initial impression of the story campaign alteady promises some improvements and it seems the character has to fights his/hers former best friend, played by The PunisherJonny Berntal. Keeps hopes up that he really plays a deep story and resembles not a flat celebrity washing as in CoD Infinite Warfare.

May this read as an obligation, it really looks proimising.

So far improved I find the physical condition of my character more solid. 1st aid may be crafted, nevertheless you have to care. Either in the field or in the biouvac. Even the stamina and physical exaust seemed more realistic than ever before. You may sneak more, hide deeper and develop the character class ghost definitely in the more sneaky direction. As well you may qualify as sniper or tank and the specialisation seems to matter. Given the fact that in COOP more players may differ in their character set, this may result in real individual gameplay.

On top of that the crafting of gear and guns seemed with a little bit more lova than in wildlands. The environment is more responsive and could be interacted more open world style. Only seen on video, but you may weld through fences, instead of blowing them away. The nPCs are a fair mix, a bit heavy on the tech side, since the counterpart is a terroristic club that highjacked a weapons tech research installation. Ubisoft so far seems to keep the promise that human figures, independent of their strength, may be adressed more real world style.

Bottom line it really looks like a modern RPG shooter, that allows to develop different characters with different tactics in an reasonable responding, nevertheless exausting and hostile environment.

After a weekend playing I really consider the title program, since the setup enforces to play Ghost and it leads your favourite operator straight to his breakpoint.

KyP. F.

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