Traveling Iceland in Winter

Iceland has evolved to be a premium travel destination. And being located close on the arctic circle, a rather exotic one on top. It triggers desires an phantasies … and so did it to me. But what when you ramp up the stakes? Not only exploring the Atlantic north but doing so in winter? And then go around the whole Island, mor or less around the ring road?

Starting by rather quickly leaving the Reykjavik and head east to the highway #1 counterclockwise – Here some impressions from last February.


First stop at Skogafoss that offers besides a first camp spot that’s open in winter. It’s a protected place to sit out an winter storm and besides that its reachable in about a two hour drive from Kevlavik.


We really sat out a storm, just doing groceries in Vik – which gave us the opportunity to see how quickly things change in Iceland. Heading west, turning a bit inlands you may find your first glacier.


Ten minute drive up an inlet you find the glacier lagoon of SöllheimaJökull and a small hike leading closer to the actual ice fields. evertheless keep in mind its dangerous. Little further down highway one you get off towards the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara.

Reynisfjara Beach

Always keep in mind that this is probably one of the most dangerous places in Iceland, killing tourists each year. Its probably the closest you get to the Atlantik abyss and the waves can change quickly and Continue reading

Traveling Iceland

First time during Corona conditions actually travelling seemed feasible in late autumn ’21 – given a certain set of limited options. One of them: Iceland. An island in the arctic northern atlantic, aim of desire and a place were many people love to travel … and not everyone does, specially not during november.

Since I wanted to see the arctic north in the winter time, this seemes appropriate and we decided to go on short notice, unsure about our usual travel preparations.

I went online and googled for a nice looking gest house for a reasonable price. Flights were acceptable and even the rental cars did not bust the budget in November. So booking confirmed and then we started to make our mind about what we were up to. Playing covid restrictions safe Continue reading