Tourtipp: Hiking Kungsleden

Quite some months ago we returned from Kungsleden, the Trail of the Kings in northern Sweden, Laponia.

Starting in Abisko it takes all the way down to Hemavan and is split in four stretches, where you will see here the first one – leading to Vakkotavare / Saltoluokta.

You may arrive by the night-train from Stockholm or Kiruna, the later famous for its iron Continue reading

How To: Firmware Upgrade on an VSF-Stack

Having created a VSF stack of Aruba 2930Fs, the immediate need of firmware maintenance is obviously raising the question of how!. Dealing with that, luckily a new software had been released and I was able to test.

Daring the result … it was shocking simple and runs as every other Aruba / Procurve firmware upgrade and you just have to cover the second vsf stack member.

vsf member 1
copy tftp flash WC_16_07_0002.swi primary
vsf member 2
copy tftp flash WC_16_07_0002.swi primary

Verify the upload with a show flash the firmware image something like, even you may Continue reading

Erkenntnis liegt außerhalb der Comfort-Zone

Am  Samstag habe ich Hans Kammerlander im Vortrag gehört. Eines der Zitate, das mir nicht mehr aus dem Kopf gehen wird und das im Zuge auch des Berichts um einige tödliche Verluste unter seinen Freunden und Weg- Gefährten fiel, war:

Wir haben kein Mitleid verdient, es zwingt uns ja keiner da rauf zu gehen.

Und doch macht er es, wie viele andere Extrembergsteiger, immer wieder. Warum macht er das? An einer anderen Stelle, es geht um eine Free Solo Besteigung an den drei Zinnen in Südtirol, echauffiert sich ein älterer Herr hinter mir “Der spielt mit seinem Continue reading

How To: High Availability with Aruba 2930F – VSF

Considering recent posts on IRF, there was a need to get some availability with the more cost effective switches from the Aruba / ProCurve world. I did some research on that and luckily there are more than one option today with this platform – at least the 5400s (…) and in my case 2930s support this by default.

Considering redundancy you basically consider two types of high availability and these cover Layer 2 availability, traditionally suited with link aggregation which conventionally does not span several chassis, and Layer 3 availability for a redundant default gateway service.

In a traditional design, then with a couple of switches (at least four), you configure VRRP for L3 redundant default gateway service, LACP – link aggregation groups for L2 Continue reading

How To: IRF Caveats on FF5700 Flex Fabric

Some time ago, I posted on the configuration of an IRF independent resilient fabric with the HPE Flex Fabric FF5700 datacenter switches. During the operation some things arose to my attention which either have been corrected or perhaps not necessarily clear from the first place.

1.) Activate MAD

There needs to be a mechanism to detect multiple actives. This could be considered something like a quorum for the switch-cluster, intended to prohibit split brains. In my case I preferred to do so with LACP. This brings MAD (Multiple Active Detection) to the layer two and is rather simple. It should be configured on an appropriate Bridge Aggregation Group – resulting in an configuration like:

interface Bridge-Aggregation1
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan all
link-aggregation mode dynamic
mad enable

so specifically pay attention to the last command: Continue reading