Angezockt: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Every now and then, probably averaging once a year, I review a computer game. For later explained several reasons the current favorite is Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Typically I refer to the story line and the thrill and whatever makes gaming enjoyable. And although I tend to play (not only but often) shooters, this review is not all about the gameplay.

Sunset mood in a swampy region

Primarily in this review I want to emphasize which steps in game live computer graphics engines have taken and what incredible level of immersion could be achieved in an usual PC, not entirely built for gaming. That said, I nevertheless wrap up shortly “attention spoiler” the story and the gameplay, since anyway this is a game review.

Basically the Story, again a Tom Clancy inspired Script, is a journey to a hypothetic south pacific archipelago named Aurora which was chosen by an idealistic tech company to create a better world utopia. This by itself is a first wonderful play, since the real world Aurora turned out to be removed from the maps after the 1870ies, making them phantom islands. Attracted by the advanced technology Continue reading