Musings on VDI – DB Booster

My preference on software defined (storage) solutions is not a big secret any more, nevertheless it gets frequently a new spin. Recently so, we observed some strange behavior on our storage leaking over into the corporate ERP systems but primarily caused by our VDI environment and some write patterns showing up there.

Starting to think over the solution space, the typical suspects of course didn’t hesitate to offer 6-digit priced all flash storage systems to leverage the issue. Not exactly the type of budget I want to request for a unforeseen development in systems usage (besides all the foreseen changes and projects).

But did anybody reflect over the latest development in CPUs, PCI- buses and SSD/NVMe? I started to munch further down the isle reflecting over a couple of things:

So first off all think of PCI express bus development, with PCIx 4.0 since 2017 already providing 31+ GB/sec on 16 lanes memory bandwidth. PCIx 5.0 released in 2019 doubled to 63+ GB/sec Continue reading

Comment: Drowning Storage Market.

Eben kommt’s über den Heise Ticker – der Europäische Storage Markt schwächelt. Ach. Wirklich. Zu Lasten der großen Player. Wie kommt’s, dass mich das nicht wundert. Weder dass IBM so viel abgibt, noch dass lange Zeit gesetzte Treiber von Innovation wie NetApp unter Druck geraten. Auch die Zahl bei HP ergibt auf perfide Art Sinn. Und das, trotz steigendem Storage Bedarf.

Die Frage ist alleine, wer hat Gegengift? Klassische Storage Discounts alleine werden es wohl kaum richten, in einer zusehends virtualisierten Welt.

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