Musings on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Nachdem die letzten Postings eher an der Oberfläche gekratzt haben, jetzt mal ein paar Grundsätzliche Gedanken zum Thema Hyperkonvergenz und einiger Ableitungen.

Noch einmal die strategischen Ziele: Hyper- converged – die gleichzeitige Virtualisierung von Server und Storage Ressourcen in einem in jeder Hinsicht Software gesteuerten Hypervisor Umfeld. Die erste Ausprägung des Software Defined Datacenter (SDD). Wesentliche Merkmale sind die Flexibilisierung der Ressourcen vereint mit einer granularen Skalierbarkeit. Redundanzen werden auf der Ebene der jeweiligen Virtualisierung geschaffen. Die Systeme sind recht “moderat” zugeschnitten und bei einem wachsenden Bedarf an … Continue reading

DCUCI: Datacenter Unified Computing Implementation

This week I visited the DCUCI training. The best class I had in a reasonable while. There could have been more labs and the marketing coverage – high and wide introduction was much to much considering the fact that there were two four hour eLearning-sessions upfront which covered this stuff more accurate.

Besides this annoying waste of valuable labtime it was a really great introduction into the Unified Computing System world of CISCO. Although it was not feasible to introduce the UCS preparation and uplink configuration part, covered in an appendix, everything else was covered fair. Introducing the pool concepts, updating templates for ports – interfaces, policies and in the server profile it gave a complete introduction into the hows and whens, even the caveats of the CISCO interpretation of stateless servers.

Even the connection and distributed switching integration into VMWare vSphere with the Nexus 1000v as well as the VM-FEX approach was discussed. The labs cover preferably the Nexus 1000v but due to our smart trainer we implemented the VM-FEX approach as well.

Down this road we found a lot of caveats which never have been covered in the technical deep dive classes offered from CISCO for end customers. I was very happy to hear this class, so we may judge better which way to go. In the long run the HP Virtual Connect Flex Fabric approach is not that clumsy as it looks within a superficial comparison to CISCO UCS. Honoring the caveats, the CISCO approach has to be well designed and even more carefully maintained that the HP one. Details will follow.